Custom  Orders

We do offer custom orders. These orders take longer to complete depending on quantity and specifications. There is a MOQ purchase of 20 for customized color orders of EACH color requested.

Sizing details

Sample Scent Box sizes range from 2 inches to 3.25 inches.
Regular sized Freshies range in size from 3.5 inches to 6 inches.
We do carry over-sized molds. Message us about those.

How strong are your scents?

All scents are not created equal in strength.  As for how long the freshies last, it depends. You can get UP TO 4-6 weeks out of the scent or longer. Some scents may not last that long. It depends on the nose of the person who is using them. If you’re always around the scent, you will get used to the scent/smell and may not smell it for long or at all after a while, but others who aren’t around it will still smell it because they aren’t used to it. In summer months, the heat will evaporate the oil quicker, which may mean you’ll need a new car freshie  sooner in some cases. 

I want to buy freshies as a gift for later (Christmas, future event). Will the scent last until then?

Please see warning label on all items. Follow all instructions on labels and instructions for wax warmers. Freshies should be stored in cool, dry area until ready for use.

I purchased some of your items, but the address I used was incorrect. Will you ship the item/order back out to me?

Buyers are responsible for making sure that the address they want their order/items delivered to is current and up-to-date.

If the item was delivered to the address you had on the order, you will need to place the order again (at your own cost) and it will be made and shipped to the address on the new order.

If the item is returned to sender or the post office, the buyer is responsible for the additional cost to reship the item/order out again. If your order falls under Free Shipping, do keep in mind that the seller has already paid shipping for the item once, and the buyer is now responsible for the additional cost to ship the item out again.


How long will scented beads last in the bag?

Scented beads are not meant to last in the bag you receive for long periods of time. It's best that if you do not plan to use the beads right away, that you pour them into a sealable container (glass or polypropylene plastic).


Do you offer private labeling?

Private labels are available to customize your order. If it is your initial setup to have your labels used on car freshies packaging, there is a $10 setup fee. This includes The Wright Scent making a label for you with your logo, social media and contact info, scent and warning. Scent and warnings are non-negotiable for labels. After your first order, each label costs 15 cent per freshie.